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What Is the Cost of Data Recovery?

The cost of a recovery case depends on what happened to the device, the amount of work it will take, and how long it will take engineers to complete.


When a mobile phone falls into water, a hard drive starts making clicking noises, or a RAID array experiences a power surge, people turn to a data recovery company. As the process for starting a recovery case begins, people ask many questions, with the most common being: how much will the recovery cost? Several factors go into determining the cost of a recovery and a company will usually give a price after they have inspected the failed device and determined the cause of the problem.

Pricing Models That Don’t Work

Some data recovery companies will give customers a flat fee for their services depending on the media type. A hard drive recovery may be classified into price ranges in which the most expensive recovery includes treatment in a Cleanroom and the most advanced tools. In addition to tier-level pricing, a charge can be made based on how much of the storage capacity is used. A provider may charge extra per gigabyte or terabyte over a predetermined amount. 

The problem with the flat fee model is that a decision is made before further inspection. Just because a client may describe what the problem is, doesn’t mean that is the issue at hand. An engineer may find another problem during recovery or may find the failure was much smaller than anticipated. This means that either the client is overcharged or the engineer will not be prepared to handle the recovery they anticipated. 

Charging extra fees based on byte capacity is not based on anything substantial. The amount of work an engineer will have to do is the same for two devices with the same failure, even if the capacity is larger. The only difference is that it takes more time to process, which is not equitable to the cost of engineer labor.

How Professional Companies Outline Price

There are a variety of factors that a professional data recovery company will consider before giving you a price quote. When you call the customer service representative you can expect them to ask some the following questions:

  • What happened to the device?
  • What type of media is it?
  • Are you looking to recover specific files or all retrievable data?
  • What service level works best for your situation?

These questions help the engineers and service representatives determine the basics for building a case for your device and coming to a final price. Secure Data Recovery will ship the device to our labs and the engineers will complete diagnostics on the device to determine the root cause of the failure, how much work is involved in that particular recovery, and how much time the recovery will take. These factors will be calculated into the total for recovery and after a client agrees to the price they won’t pay more, even if the recovery requires more work than anticipated.

Choose a Company with Trustworthy Practices

The companies in the recovery industry who charge an upfront fee for just looking at the media are only concerned about making themselves revenue and not about returning your files. In many cases, they may fail to recover the data because of a lack of quality tools and training. But even if they fail, they still have your upfront fee, meaning it was not a loss for them.

A recent study from Sophos security firm found that data recovery is cheaper than paying the ransom after systems are encrypted in a ransomware attack. On average, a company will pay over one million dollars in ransom, while data recovery remains in the hundred thousand range. This is on a much larger scale than an individual device failure but still illustrates that taking matters into your own hands where media failure is concerned is not always the best or most cost-effective idea. 

Secure Data Recovery does not give a price quote until your device is given a full diagnostic evaluation in our lab. Diagnostics are free and you are under no obligation to choose our services after receiving the quote and estimated turnaround time. We also do not charge extra based on the use of our tools or Class 10 Cleanroom.

We have been in the data recovery business for over a decade and our experienced engineers and proprietary tools exemplify our quality service. Our overall 96% success rate and “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee prove that we take each case seriously and the cost of our service directly relates to our level of quality. Call us at 1-800-388-1266 to start a recovery case today.

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