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Which Companies Should You Trust With Your Data?


Recent months have been plagued with security breach after breach. From Target stores to Anthem insurance, customers have been unexpectedly faced with the news that their personal data may have been leaked to countless, unidentified other entities. Trust has been broken and some customers have begun to respond by increasing their own security measures to hide personal data from companies.

For small businesses, the increased scrutiny from customers can be a stumbling block in the quest to obtain good, reliable data. In a recent report by Symantec, customers and businesses came together to determine what businesses could do to earn the trust of their customers. What would make customers feel confident enough in a business to hand over their private information?

Symantec’s report found 3 common trends:

  • Make Terms and Agreements clear and easy to understand. The days of fine print are gone and customers want to know what they are agreeing to in basic terms.
  • Prioritize quality of data in collection. Customers are more willing to share personal information if they know it will be used in a meaningful way.
  • Maintain the accuracy of data. Collecting enormous sweeps of data and leaving it to become corrupted or worse-infiltrated-is inexcusable. Customers expressed their appreciation when companies explained how their data would be destroyed when it was no longer relevant.

This report as well as other similar market findings illustrates that customers are still willing to share their private information-as long as companies can agree to their own basic terms of transparency. Customers want to feel a sense of confidence that data will be used for an important purpose and then safely destroyed when it has expired. Look for companies that abide by these terms to ensure your data is secure.

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