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Companies scramble to comply with EU’s new requirements to erase data

Companies scramble to comply with new regulations to erase data

The true size of big data is becoming so large that it’s nearly impossible for any of us to wrap our minds around its enormity. From the most basic of data gleaned from a consumer’s shopping habits to complex and highly confidential data, the sheer volume of data grows exponentially by the second. Most of our focus has centered on how to protect this data. Nearly every industry and a growing number of individuals have experienced the devastation of data loss. There are times, however, where intentional and organized data loss or deletion is actually the desired outcome. The EU has issued new legislation demanding businesses to devise and implement plans to erase certain types of data.

The Right to Data Deletion

The charge to erase data originates from the EU’s determination that individuals have a right to erasure and it is the responsibility of businesses and companies to manage data in a way to make this right a reality. The EU Data Protection Directive gives companies clear expectations on data management and administration responsibility. The guidance also extends into the realm of managing data within networks, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media outlets. The legislation attempts the considerable aim to direct communication in the digital age with the specific assignment of responsibility for data organization and structure to the companies that house the data.

Complying with New Regulations for Erasure

In addition to securing data in a way that won’t make it penetrable to leaks and hackers, companies must now prove that data can also be erased in a structured and permanent manner. This involves a willingness to streamline what data is collected and incorporate safeguards to prevent an unstructured, overall over-collection of data. Many companies aren’t currently prepared to meet the new EU demands. Failing to comply, however, comes with a hefty penalty. Companies could be charged as much as 4% of their worldwide turnover for significant violations. Data deletion and structured data destruction can be just as important as maintaining the security of data. As connected devices and networks expand, the real challenge lies in keeping data organized and structured so that it can both be protected and culled on demand. At Secure Data Recovery, we offer a wide range of services, including the retrieval of data that was accidentally deleted. We know the management of data is challenging and we’re ready and willing to be by your side as we traverse this new, connected, data-rich world together. Give us a call at 1-800-388-1266 or contact us via our online help form for immediate assistance.
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