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Cloud Services: Are Your Backups Backed Up?

Knowing that all technology is prone to failure, here are six important questions to ask any Cloud backup service provider.


As Cloud services become more readily available and infrastructure and application processes move off of local machines the common theme heralding this change is reliability. The average consumer is led to believe that anything in the Cloud is safer, more reliable, and right at their fingertips at all times.

However, anyone who has experience with technology and hardware knows that failure is always an option and that as a company you should not ask yourself if the service will fail, but prepare for when it will fail. If there is anything that can be learned from technology, it is that data loss can occur at any level, regardless of a technology’s record of accomplishment.

The key to minimizing the losses that will occur and recovering as much of the data as possible is to manage expectations adequately through information gathering on policies, procedures, and hardware needed to implement a backup plan.

Bulletproof Backup Plans: Questions About The Cloud

In the previous weeks, we have discussed creating a bulletproof backup plan for home and office environments. In each plan, the use of a Cloud backup service has been prominent in providing the most redundant implementation possible. At no time has the consideration of the Cloud backup service’s reliability come into question. Knowing that all technology is prone to failure, here are six important questions to ask any Cloud backup service provider.

  1. Does the Cloud backup provider have his or her own backup systems and protocols in place? Are these protocols and systems in-line with your own personal or corporate standards?
  2. Does the Cloud backup provider have a data recovery service under contract or lined-up to provide their services in the case of an emergency?
  3. Does the Cloud backup provider have a set plan for business continuity or disaster recovery?
  4. What do the contracts stipulate in regards to liability, data recovery, remediation, and business outcomes?
  5. Does your Cloud backup provider allow for data sharing between other Cloud services?
  6. In the event that the customer terminates the service with this Cloud backup provider, will the data be returned and what format will it be in?

Taking the necessary steps in researching the services and systems used in your backup plan will greatly increase the survivability of important data when hardware outages occur. Be sure to gather important information together before making any decisions regarding a new backup plan.

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