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Cloud security: Three top secure cloud services

If security is a primary concern for your web-based storage, then consider moving to one of the three services we profile here.


Everyone is aware of the simplicity and ease of use associated with modern cloud storage systems. The most visible, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive (last known as SkyDrive), provide a quick and relatively painless transition into online storage. However, that simplicity comes with a steep cost- limited security.

While not the case for all cloud services, most lack enhanced security features such as encryption, secure transmission of files, and private storage. In a security-heightened environment, such as the one we live in today, files and private documents must be protected.

We have included three services that provide increased security over and above the standard cloud-based service. Consider these options as well as providing your own encryption in order to protect the private and important files on your pc.

McAfee Personal Locker

  • Cost: 1 GB included with subscription to McAfee LiveSafe
  • Platforms: Windows 8, iOS, Android

McAfee Personal Locker is smartphone or Win 8-managed cloud storage vault. The service provides 1 GB of data storage, which is secured through varying levels of user defined security features.

The application, on its highest setting, will require biometric data recognition, voice recognition, and user PIN input to verify identity and allow for data access. Unless files are specifically user-defined as a low priority, all levels of identity verification will be required for each access. Alternatively, low-priority security designation will only require PIN input.

McAfee Personal Locker is included free with a subscription to McAfee LiveSafe.


  • Cost: 5 GB free, Plans are available for more data storage options
  • Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X

Tresorit is a full cloud storage provider that provides increased security over most other popular cloud storage services. Tresorit provides 5 GB of free data storage for account holders and provides increasingly larger storage options beginning at 100 GB for $7 per month.

Tresorit styles itself as a truly secure cloud storage service and practices a zero-knowledge password policy, which means that only the account holder has knowledge of the account passwords. Tresorit offers client-side encryption, secure data transfer, and secure data storage facilities. Unlike most cloud services who offer increased security, Tresorit encrypts files prior to transmitting them from the local machine to the cloud. Tresorit also allows users to encrypt existing folders on the local machine without having to move files into a specific Tresorit folder.


  • Cost: 5 GB free, Plans are available for more data storage options
  • Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Wuala is the secure cloud storage solution provided by storage company LaCie. Wuala provides 5 GB of free data storage for account holders, with increased storage solutions available.

Wuala is much like Tresorit, in that it also ascribes to a zero-knowledge policy for passwords and encrypts data prior to transference. Wuala uses a specifically designated folder, which is installed at the same time as the service, in order to specify the files to be encrypted and stored in the cloud.

Wuala provides larger storage options starting at 20 GB for $4 per month.

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