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Database Data Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Exchange, MySQL, Access, DB2 and other database management systems power many of the world's largest businesses. This part of our blog gives an overview of the techniques and technologies used to recover damaged, corrupt, and unreadable databases.


Common Symptoms of Corruption for Oracle Databases

Data loss presents serious challenges for Oracle users, and while recovery rates are generally high for Oracle systems. To ensure high system availability, you should be familiar with the basic symptoms of corruption and have a plan in place to deal with data loss when it occurs.

Database Network

Database Recovery: Why Experience and Specialization Matter

Databases are the building blocks for many businesses' information storage systems. The basic function of a database is to store and quickly call up information, and whether a company runs an online shopping website or an insurance sales call center, databases are an essential part of daily business. When databases become corrupt or unreadable, you need a professional data recovery provider with extensive experience. Here's a look at a few of the unique challenges of database repair and recovery.

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