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Data Technology

Data Technology

Each year, computer storage technology advances considerably, allowing for faster access speeds and higher storage capacities. This section of our blog features information about new types of hard drives, solid-state drives, hybrid drives, RAID systems and much more.

Securely Erase Data

Simple Steps To Securely Erase Private Data

With news of data privacy concerns leading the headlines daily, the need to protect sensitive data files has never been more paramount. Simple steps to secure existing data in cloud storage and on local devices can provide active security to your data. Unfortunately, once that data is no longer useful and scheduled to be deleted, extra precaution must be taken to guarantee that recovery is not possible.

Google Glass with OpenGlass

Google Glass Used To Assist Visually Impaired

Google's upcoming product, Google Glass, is being used for more than twitter updates and Facebook postings. Two PhD students, named Brandyn White and Andrew Miller, have created a project called OpenGlass that uses the Camera on a Google Glass to assist the visually impaired.

RRAM Technology Concept

New Technology Could Significantly Increase Smartphone Storage

A California based startup company, has announced a breakthrough in non-volatile memory technology that could possibly change the way that consumers store data in smartphones, tablets, and other storage-hungry technology. The breakthrough is Crossbar’s RRAM technology, which is reported to allow storage capabilities of up to 1 TB on a chip the size of a postage stamp.

USB 3.0

USB 3.1 Specifications Finalized

Earlier this month, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced that the next generation of USB specifications was ready. The new specification will be named USB 3.1 and will increase the bandwidth from 5 Gbps to 10 Gbps while also increasing the power provided through the USB.

WiFi Drive Rundown (August 2013)

The Best Wireless Drives For Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices are an integral part of most consumers’ lives. Parents take pictures and videos of recitals with tablets held in the air. Students use smartphones to record the long lectures and notes for the exam at the end of the week. Professionals are starting to use tablets for priority business transactions and day-to-day work. Most wireless storage devices are modeled after laptop 2.5-inch platter and SSD designs, connect through a wired cable and wireless protocols, and come with a battery for use on the go.

1U Server

HP Leaves Backdoor Open On Enterprise Virtual Hosting

In the continuing wake of PRISM fallout, many high profile companies have had their own dirty laundry exposed to consumer scrutiny. HP has an undocumented administrator backdoor with poor password strength hiding in its StoreVirtual enterprise virtual hosting service and have admitted that the backdoor is a significant security vulnerability that grants root level access.

5 Dimension Data Storage

Researchers Have Created Data Storage That Could Last a Million Years

Researchers at the University of Southampton have reported that experiments using femtocell-laser inscription to create fine-dimensional digital data storage were successful. These experiments allowed the researchers to demonstrate a way to write and read up to 360 TB of digital data on a simple disk of quartz glass allowing for stable storage of the data for upwards of one million years.

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