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Data Technology

Data Technology

Each year, computer storage technology advances considerably, allowing for faster access speeds and higher storage capacities. This section of our blog features information about new types of hard drives, solid-state drives, hybrid drives, RAID systems and much more.

Network Attached Storage

Top Three Network-Attached One or Two bay Storage Devices

As a network expands, whether it is a media based home network or a small-business network, the need for accessible centralized storage becomes a higher priority. In response to this growing issue a number of companies have packaged a standalone storage device designed to take up this role.

DWave Quantum Computers

The Future Is Now: Google’s Quantum Computer Proven To be Real

The first step to achieving the current holy grail of computing architecture has been realized, to an extent. The D-Wave quantum computer hosted at the University of Southern California has been proven to NOT operate within the laws of conventional physics. Researchers at USC have concluded that the machine is not using a computer model called “simulated annealing” and therefore could be operating either on a quantum level or with a previously unknown process that simulates this action.

Cloud Security

Cloud Concerns: Survey Data Shows Disturbing Trends

The Ponemon Institute recently published it's findings from a 2013 study about the Security of Cloud Computing Users in which 748 IT security practitioners were surveyed. The results are pretty shocking and raises the question, just how secure are your cloud backups?

External Hard Drive

What To Look For When Buying An External Storage Drive

With many systems upgraded to smaller internal SSD storage devices and the proliferation of USB capable tablets and smart devices, the need for external hard drives has increased significantly. All you need to know going forward is the type of drive and how it will connect to your system.

PCI Express Port

PCIe Solid-State Drives: What’s the Hype About?

With the proliferation of SSD storage devices into every aspect of the PC and storage markets, many manufacturers are attempting to push the limits of data transfer and access speeds. The first break from existing storage media technology is the introduction of PCIe based SSDs. The new PCIe SSDs will hope to double read and write times over the current technology.


RAM Disks and You: Alternative to SSDs?

Are you looking to increase the speed of one or two smaller applications or programs, but aren’t interested in buying a new SSD? Do you have more than enough system memory installed on your PC? If you answered yes to both questions then you may be interested in using a RAM disk. All you need to start seeing significant speed increases in your programs and files is a 3rd party RAM disk program, a little bit of time.

Holding a computer hard drive disc

Is the end of mechanical drives near?

The announcement of the discontinuation of Seagate’s 7200-rpm laptop drives comes at an interesting time. The current price of flash hardware had the cost of full SSD storage drives dropping to, and past, the $1.00/GB threshold, which allowed high-speed storage drives to become more and more affordable. When you consider that mechanical HDD are a mature product with very little price fluctuation per/GB and flash drives are continuing to drop in price as new and cheaper manufacturing processes are deployed, the days of the mechanical hard drive look to be limited.

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