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Data Technology

Data Technology

Each year, computer storage technology advances considerably, allowing for faster access speeds and higher storage capacities. This section of our blog features information about new types of hard drives, solid-state drives, hybrid drives, RAID systems and much more.

WD Arkeia Rack-mountable Backup

WD Introduces Newest Generation of Network Backup Appliances

Earlier this year, WD, a Western Digital company, introduced the fourth generation of its WD Arkeia network backup appliance. The WD Arkeia line of network backup appliances provides an all-in-one backup and recovery solution for small and medium sized businesses. The new generation of WD Arkeia appliances includes four models. Each model is rack-mountable, includes increased internal disk capacity, more memory, and increased processor speed.

Tablet PC

Microsoft Introduces The New Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2 Tablets

Less than one year after the initial release of the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, Microsoft unveiled the upgraded versions of its floundering hardware experiment. With the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft hopes to re-invigorate consumer's interests in the tablet product offering.

ASUS Transformers

ASUS Introduces Two New Transformer Book T- Series PCs

The Transformer Book T100 and T300 will be available immediately and are priced to compete directly with the new inexpensive Android-based devices. The ASUS Transformer Book line is the combination of a fully functional laptop with the flexibility of a removable tablet. Both Transformer Book T-series PCs take advantage of newer CPU versions to extend battery life and functionality and come with the Windows 8 operating system installed.

External Drive

Top Five Portable Drives

Today’s technology is designed and manufactured for consumers who are on the go. Look at the people near you and chances are there will be a smartphone, a tablet, a mini-tablet, a music player, or even a pair of the new Google Glass. We are surrounded by technology and revel in it. However, these devices are manufactured with limited storage capacity and security concerns with online storage won’t go away. What do you do when your capacity is maxed?

Solid State Drives

Seagate Unveils Two New Enterprise SSDs

Seagate, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of enterprise storage solutions, released information on two new Solid State Drives designed for enterprise solutions. The Seagate 1200 series and the Seagate X8 are expected to perform well in the enterprise SSD market.

Optical Fiber

Intel Begins Mass Production On New Data Cable Technology

The current standards for server communication are PCI-E at 8 Gbps and networking cables at nearly 40 Gbps. These are significantly quick speeds, yet the reading and writing capabilities of new flash-based storage drives are beginning to surpass its capabilities. The researchers at Intel have found a way to use the properties of light to create a 5mm diameter cable capable of transmitting light-based communication protocols at speeds of up to 100 Gbps.


Toshiba And SanDisk Prepare For 3D Flash Memory Production

Toshiba has announced that with the expansion of its production facility in Yokkaichi, Japan production of new 3D flash memory is nearly possible. The construction is expected to last close to one year and will provide an increase in the manufacturing capacity of NAND flash lines while also providing capability for more advanced manufacturing processes and early generation 3D chip designs. The new 3D flash memory is the product of a joint venture between SanDisk and Toshiba that aims to expand on the capabilities of current NAND flash technology.

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