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Data Loss Prevention

In order to prevent file loss, you need to understand the various types of issues that affect modern computers and take steps to minimize your risks. Our blog can help you avoid some of the most common data loss scenarios.

How to Protect your NAS Devices from Data Loss

How to Protect your NAS Devices from Data Loss

Network-attached storage, or NAS, is storage option that integrates scattered sources of data into a centralized data management system. NAS is distinct from other storage methods because it is a file-level data storage server that is connected to a network.

Secure Data First to Successfully Recover Files Wiped after NotPetya Strikes

Secure Data Successfully Recovers Data after NotPetya Strikes

Ransomware continues to be a major cause of data loss for both companies and individual users. The latest outbreak of ransomware further confused recovery efforts because it was disguised as a previously released form of malware called Petya. NotPetya superficially

Secure Data Recovery Breaks Ground in Recovering Data Wiped by Petya

Protecting Yourself and Your Business from Petya and NotPetya

On June 27, a new virus began infecting computers throughout Europe. Disguised as ransomware, it locked infected computers, producing a message on their screens requiring users to pay $300 in order to have their machines unlocked. For the better part


3 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Data Breach

Regardless of your company’s size, the consequences of a data breach can be significant enough to cause long-lasting harm. Beyond lost revenue and potential liability, the damage caused by a data breach can result in a long recovery period to


3 Common Email Scams and How to Avoid Them

Throughout the many years of using email, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a wide range of spam, hoaxes, and attempted scams in your inbox. While some scams are well-known and exceptionally obvious, others can be harder to detect. According to a Cloudmark


10 Ways to Keep Mobile Devices Safe from Hackers

We rely on mobile devices for everything, from daily banking to checking emails to booking appointments. Your smartphone likely holds more personal information and connections to your financial assets than your wallet. Even your old phone likely holds data that


The 3 Worst Computer Viruses in History

Computer viruses can cause significant harm to your devises. Hackers, spammers and those plotting cyberattacks date back to the start of computing. Over time, several viruses have been particularly damaging. Here are the three worst computer viruses of all time:

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