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Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

In order to prevent file loss, you need to understand the various types of issues that affect modern computers and take steps to minimize your risks. Our blog can help you avoid some of the most common data loss scenarios.

rebooting computer problems

Why Rebooting Your Computer Can Help Fix It

The Benefits of Restarting Your Digital Device You might remember the days of blowing into a Nintendo 64 game cartridge to remove the dust and hopefully have your game work properly, but that was simply a placebo effect that led

HDD cold damage

Winter Weather Doesn’t Bode Well for Your Hard Drive

In the 2018-19 winter season, we have already seen several feet of snow in the Northeast, record cold temperatures in the Midwest, and it’s not over yet. Weather.com projects that February will bring below average temperatures throughout more than half

Safely Upgrade Your Device

5 Essential Steps to Safely Upgrade Your Device

There are many important reasons why you should upgrade your device, but do you know how to safely upgrade your device while also protecting your sensitive data? When a new smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer catches your eye and gives

shutdown affects data loss

Government Shutdown Poses Data Loss Risks

Security and Corrupted Data Risks Due to Government Shutdown The recent United States government shutdown affected 800,000 workers in a variety of agencies, but what is lesser known is the effect the shutdown had on the government’s economic data. Many

Cryptojacking and other malware threats of 2019

Cryptojacking and other malware threats of 2019

Cybersecurity must be a top priority for any successful business. A breach can not only affect your fiscal bottom line but also have irreparable damage to your company's reputation. Unfortunately, there are countless threats lurking out there, and they evolve

Keeping Clean with Digital Hygiene in 2019

Keep Clean with Cyber Hygiene in 2019

Maintaining your cyber hygiene is a proactive way to ensure your computer runs efficiently, endures the test of time, and preserves your data. Cyber hygiene doesn’t require a professional and anyone can practice these series of steps to maintain the

Stay Cyber Safe on Cyber Monday

Stay Cyber Safe on Cyber Monday

The biggest days of the year for online shopping are upon us! With an estimated 164 million people expected to hit the cyberworld this weekend. The National Retail Federation predicts $69 million dollars of generated sales on Cyber Monday alone.

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