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Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

In order to prevent file loss, you need to understand the various types of issues that affect modern computers and take steps to minimize your risks. Our blog can help you avoid some of the most common data loss scenarios.

How to recover deleted video files

How to Recover Lost Video Files

It can happen in a flash. Most of us have had that sinking feeling as we frantically search for a file that we absolutely know was there the last time we looked. Video files are particularly heart wrenching to lose.

Hand of woman wearing wearable tech device

Wearable Technology and Data Safety

The rise of wearable technology and a consumer interest in privacy have collided in dual surges of interest in both interests. Questions around the value of almost constant data points related to one’s life and what could happen if these

keyboard key with label "Disaster Plan"

Data Security Plans in Preparation for a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and other natural disasters threaten both the physical and financial assets of businesses. As windows are shuttered and employees take cover, executives are often left to devise a last minute plan to avoid a data security disaster.

The Psychology Behind Why We Don’t Backup our Data

A recent survey by Seagate tells us that 19% of men and 30% of women don’t back up their data. Of these individuals surveyed, a whopping 90% felt their data was valuable but only 10% of people back up these

How to Protect your Digital Assets

Awareness and concern about identity theft, data breaches, and the loss of personal privacy have never been higher. Customers, as well as employees, are rightfully demanding their data be protected. The government and certain industries have also instituted higher than

Travel with Tech: 5 Tips for Your Next Trip

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’re likely to be packing more than one tech device for your next trip. Phones, tablets, laptops, and even wearable technology carry important and almost always-private data. In addition to remembering those chargers,

Which Companies Should You Trust With Your Data?

Recent months have been plagued with security breach after breach. From Target stores to Anthem insurance, customers have been unexpectedly faced with the news that their personal data may have been leaked to countless, unidentified other entities. Trust has been

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