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Data Backup

Data Backup

The only surefire way to prevent data loss is to regularly back up your computer system. In this section, our experts offer advanced tips to help you build a dependable backup strategy for your home or office computer system.

Remote Backup

Why You Should Keep an Offsite Backup of Important Files

Keeping a regular backup of your computers and storage systems prevents data loss, but to completely protect databases, email archives and other critically important data, businesses should keep at least two separate backups including one offsite backup. From a disaster recovery viewpoint, there are several key advantages to offsite file storage.

XBox 360

Recovering data from your Xbox

One of the best additions to the console gaming market in recent years has been the inclusion of online services and the ability to download games directly to your system. These have been made by possible with the addition of internal hard drives but what happens if your drive fails and jeopardizes countless older games that are no longer available for download? Is there recovery options?

Tape Data Backup

How Iron Oxide Loss Can Damage Your Data Tape Archives

Data tapes and cartridges serve an important function in enterprise-level data storage infrastructure. Tapes provide a relatively inexpensive and dependable way to create archives; and if your business ever needs to restore its systems or recreate data from a specific point in time, these archives can prove invaluable. Of course, in order to see any benefit from data tapes and cartridges, you need to make sure that they are in working condition.

I Need it Right Now!

But I Need My Data Now!

That actually works sometimes with your Mercedes if you have a good dealer. They will give you a loaner while your car is in the shop. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way with data. We don’t have spare data in the backroom that you can use in place of yours; and you can’t go rent some data until you get yours back either. Your data is more exclusive than the hottest Ferrari. Only your data will do. So, how do you get it back?

Safe Secure Data Recovery

Ways to Back Up Your Data Safely

While we try to make the data recovery process easy, we understand that most of our clients would prefer to avoid data loss entirely. The only way to keep yourself completely safe is to back up your important files regularly, and to do this, you need to choose an effective data backup method. Here's a look at some of the most popular options and their advantages and disadvantages.

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