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Data Backup

Data Backup

The only surefire way to prevent data loss is to regularly back up your computer system. In this section, our experts offer advanced tips to help you build a dependable backup strategy for your home or office computer system.

Backup Strategy

Backup Strategy: Full, Incremental, and Differential

With all the talk of creating a bulletproof backup plan for home and business computing systems it can be easy to overlook the importance of deciding on the type of backup which should be used. There are three different types of backup processes that can be used to protect your files: full, incremental, and differential.

Backup Software

Home Backup Comparison: Carbonite vs Crashplan vs Genie Backup

In the past, we have used this blog to try to detail the best ways to protect your data through a bulletproof backup plan. The key component that was the most difficult to quantify was the backup manager. There are many different programs that will attempt to organize and backup your data with some versions provided by operating systems and others purely aftermarket and third party.

Cloud Backup

Hard Drive Or Cloud Service For Personal Data Backup

Media damage can occur at any time, so you should put a functional data backup plan in place as soon as you can. Hard drive backups and cloud-based backups are two especially popular strategies. Both are affordable for small businesses and private computer users, but to choose an appropriate strategy, you will need to consider your computer usage habits.

Back Up Plan

Creating a Bulletproof Data Back Up Plan

In today’s world, people are living more and more of their lives digitally - people work from home, game online, take digital photos, file their taxes online, and just about any other activity you can think of. If your data is important to you or your business you must have a bulletproof back-up plan.


Why RAID Systems Do Not Replace the Need for Data Backup

Most businesses have some sort of RAID system in place, and in recent years, personal computer users have adopted the technology to achieve better fault tolerance and faster data access speeds. However, RAID technology does not provide perfect protection from data loss, and some users put too much trust in the improved physical fault tolerance.

Backup Computer Key

Incremental Backups: Your Secret Weapon

You need a strong backup plan in order to keep the data on your computer safe, but you might not have time to perform full backups every day. Incremental backups help you to fill in the gaps, providing a fast way to keep an up-to-date copy of your most important files. Here is an overview of incremental backups and tips for using them to protect your data.

Offsite Backup

Avoid Data Loss By Keeping an Offsite Backup

No system is adequately protected if data exists in a single physical location. An offsite backup provides essential protection from fires, floods and other natural disasters, as well as from thieves, angry ex-employees and malicious software attacks

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