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Data Backup

Data Backup

The only surefire way to prevent data loss is to regularly back up your computer system. In this section, our experts offer advanced tips to help you build a dependable backup strategy for your home or office computer system.

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Data Security Plans in Preparation for a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and other natural disasters threaten both the physical and financial assets of businesses. As windows are shuttered and employees take cover, executives are often left to devise a last minute plan to avoid a data security disaster.

The Best Way to Back Up Digital Photos

Wedding pictures Baby pictures And priceless memories…. When a hard drive crashes, it’s often digital photographs that people are most devastated to lose. While we can help recover photos lost in a crash, prevention is the best strategy to avoid

storage devices

Five of the Best Storage Devices

We all know that the first step to preventing data loss is being diligent about backing up our files. But, if you’re going to backup important data, you want to do so on a reliable storage device, right? So, what

cloud storage

Is Microsoft Gaining More Traction in the Cloud Storage Industry?

On Monday Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, spoke in San Francisco about Microsoft’s cloud efforts. Over the past few years Microsoft has been trying to get ahead in the increasingly popular cloud storage niche. Following behind the top companies in the

Secure USB Flash Drives

Top Five Secure USB Flash Drives

Just a few years ago, large files were difficult to transfer between non-networked devices. Users had few choices and size restriction kept file size reduced. With the introduction of the first flash drives, consumers could now easily transfer data between any USB enabled devices with little to no effort. However, there was one small drawback… security. The following five USB flash drives are security-enabled devices that provide varying levels of encryption and data security.

Solid-State Drive Backup

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Solid-State Drive

Solid State Drives are arguably the best type of storage drive on the market at this time. However, not everything in SSD land is rainbows and sunshine. When an SSD drive fails, it fails abruptly and completely. Because of the finality of an SSD failure, all SSDs should be protected by a comprehensive backup plan. In most cases, backup plans are an important and integral part of any PC system.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Services: Are Your Backups Backed Up?

As Cloud services become more readily available and infrastructure and application processes move off of local machines the common theme heralding this change is reliability. However, anyone who has experience with technology and hardware knows that failure is always an option and that as a company you should not ask yourself if the service will fail, but prepare for when it will fail.

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