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What's Trending

Data loss affects thousands of computer users every year, causing millions of dollars in damages. This part of our blog contains recent news regarding data loss, data recovery, digital storage technology and other related subjects.

Hard Drive Killers

Silent Killers of Hard Drives: What to Watch Out For

Hard drive failure can be one of the most frustrating experiences that a computer user experiences. Even as hard drive technology continues to improve, there are still a number of things that can cause catastrophic failures. These are the top five hard drive killers.

Blame the users

New report places app security blame on users

A newly released report by HP has found a new group to blame for many of the security vulnerabilities found in apps – the users. According to the report, nearly 80 percent of all vulnerabilities are caused, in some way, by the user. The report suggests that the most common issues are configuration errors, outdated software, and not coding errors.

Security Focus

Major vulnerability found in OpenSSL

Earlier this week, the OpenSSL project reported a major security flaw named Heartbleed. The newly discovered vulnerability could be used to spy on the secret digital handshake that takes place during secure transactions using Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer technology. The scope of the damages from affected sites and users could dwarf all previously known web vulnerabilities.

Tax Time

Protect your taxes from fraud or theft

The deadline for filing your 2013 federal income tax is fast approaching and, if you are like many Americans, you will be filing online. The scammers and hackers know this as well and are prepared with phishing attacks and scams ready to grab your tax refund before you. Consider the following tips and suggestions to increase the safety of your tax filings.


FCC opens up available Wi-Fi spectrum

In a move designed to alleviate some of the coming Wi-Fi spectrum crunch, the FCC has recently announced an expansion of the wireless spectrum. According to the press release, 100MHz in the congested 5GHz band of the wireless spectrum has been negotiated for unlicensed use. The change is meant to help public Wi-Fi access in congested areas like convention centers, airports, and neighborhoods.

Office for iPad Announced

Microsoft releases Office for iPad, finally

Microsoft recently announced the release of Office for iPad during a press briefing in San Francisco. Microsoft stated the reason for the release, at this time, was a goal of empowering people to be productive across all devices, not just with the in-house Microsoft Surface tablet. According to numerous reports, Office for iPad has been in production for the last few years.

Google Now

Google Now available on laptops and desktops

Google Now is finally available for Chrome on desktops and laptops after nearly a year in development. The service, which has been available on Android devices for some time, will allow users to view certain Now cards as long as they are signed into their Chrome browser. Expect Google Now to roll out slowly to Chrome users in the coming weeks.

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