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Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

Many businesses use DLT, LTO and other data tape formats to archive their storage systems. This page contains posts that will help you avoid data loss when using tape systems, along with tips for choosing a qualified data recovery provider.

DV tapes in two Rows

4 Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When Storing Data Cartridges

Thousands of businesses use magnetic data tapes for long-term storage, but a small percentage of these companies actually take the time to establish appropriate conditions for their cartridges. By avoiding the storage mistakes listed below, you can greatly extend the operating life of your backup cartridges and minimize system downtime when a data disaster occurs.

Cloud Backup Concept

Should You Send Your Data Tapes to the Cloud?

Businesses have used backup cartridges for decades to protect data on servers and other large-scale systems. Data tapes are secure, reliable and affordable, but in recent years, many storage professionals have promoted cloud-based solutions over tape cartridges for archival storage and data backup.

Damaged computer backup tape

How Humidity Affects Magnetic Data Tapes and Cartridges

To safely store tape cartridges, all businesses should have a dedicated, controlled storage environment with humidity controls. Excessive humidity can seriously damage magnetic media, and data tape cartridges are particularly susceptible to moisture-related damage.

Network Engineers

Why Data Verification Does Not Protect Against Tape Data Loss

If you regularly use tape backups to create archives of mission-critical systems, data verification can provide you with peace of mind. When your system detects errors over a certain threshold, you will receive an alert or the backup process will fail. You can then replace damaged tapes. However, neither feature provides absolute protection from data loss.

Data Recovery Tape

Data Recovery on Different Types of Data Tapes

Many businesses use data tapes as a low-quality, high-density form of permanent data storage. Magnetic tapes are reliable and have a long storage life, provided that they are placed in a room temperature environment free from excessive dust

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