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Digital Media Data Recovery

Flash cards, USB drives, and other digital media provide easy, fast storage, but any device can fail. This section provides tips for using flash media safely, along with information that will help you find a capable data recovery provider.

Is the Cost of Data Recovery Worth It?

When experiencing data loss, our customers generally want to know the answer to two questions: what does data recovery cost, and is it worth the money? The simplest answers are that it varies, and it depends. Of course, the full

Recovering Data from a Damaged SanDisk Flash Drive

Flash drives keep important documents close at hand. These small, high-capacity devices fit on keychains or in a pocket. Many are rugged enough to withstand the bumps and bruises suffered by most portable storage drives, but they can – and

Restoring Data from Failed HGST Ultrastar Drive

In addition to his work as a Project Officer with Ottawa Public Health in Ontario, Canada, Darren Brown has spent more than two decades as a professional editorial photographer and videographer for several Ottawa-based newspapers and as the proprietor of

Surface Pro 7 Requires Custom PCB Rebuild

The Texas-based grocery wholesale company Maya Management recently experienced data loss on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet with a 256 GB internal SSD storage drive. The company used the tablet to access business documents and Excel spreadsheets critical to

MicroSD Card Needs Chip-Off Data Recovery

A Secure Data Recovery Services customer from Calgary in Alberta, Canada, recently had trouble accessing data stored on a Lexar Professional 1000x 32 GB microSD flash memory card. The card was formatted for use with macOS and stored mostly personal

WD Blue HDD Crash Threatens Priceless Family Data

Sometimes we all need reminding just how vulnerable our most precious memories can be to data loss. It pays to keep important images and videos backed up in multiple locations. Trusting them to an external drive can be risky, as

Resurrecting an Old CNC Industrial Drive

Sometimes referred to as the father of the second industrial revolution, John T. Parsons of Parson Corporation was an early pioneer of the computer technology that would eventually become computer numerical control machines, or CNC machines for short. Parsons originally

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