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Apple Mac Data Recovery

Apple Mac Data Recovery

While Apple computers are exceptionally dependable and stable, they can lose data under certain circumstances, and data recovery providers need specialized tools for these systems. This section of our blog contains information about Apple devices and Mac OS X computers.

An iPad and iPhone

Recovering Smart Device Data: Telling Your iProducts Apart

The ability to distinguish product versions is important to the recovery process and can be a simple task, but telling the difference between upgrade products in the same device family can be difficult. Products like the iPhone 4 vs. 4s and the iPad family from iPad 2 forward are so similar that discerning the model type for recovery purposes can be hit or miss without knowing what to look for.

MAC Cloud Backup

Creating A Bulletproof Data Backup Plan: The Mac Edition

Hardware failure, much like death and taxes, is certain to happen to everyone, and Apple Mac users are no exception to the rule. Loosing your data is an painful and often expensive life lesson which can be easily negated by utilizing a bulletproof backup plan. There are three main categories needed to ensure the best opportunity to recover your data: backup program, external storage, and offsite storage.

Apple Computer

Data Recovery Tips for Apple Desktop Computers

Apple desktops are just as susceptible to data loss as other personal computers. While the Mac OS X operating system has some notable safeguards against accidental deletion and virus damage, thousands of Apple users lose data due to hard drive failures and other events each year. Fortunately, most of this lost data is completely recoverable.


Diagnosing a Hard Drive Head Crash on an Apple Laptop

Even if you're especially careful with your MacBook, hard drive issues can sideline your computer in a matter of seconds. Diagnosing a hard drive failure can be difficult on any laptop, but you can look for a few physical and logical symptoms to decide whether you need help from a professional data recovery provider.

Apple's ipad display

Keeping Your Apple Warranty Intact When Pursuing Data Recovery

Apple's customer service department is legendary for their fast response times and no-nonsense attitude towards product replacements, The company does insist on using a certified Apple repair company when treating hard drive failures but Apple's warranty does not cover data recovery.

Playing the Odds

Data Recovery is All About the Odds

A friend of mine admitted to me that back a few years ago he had a hard drive on his MacBook Pro that failed. He took it into a local Apple shop to see if they could get any of the data off it before he bought a new drive. They charged him $100 to try and totally failed. The lesson he learned from all this, he said, was to take it to the right place the first time.

Apple Mac

Choosing an Appropriate Backup Strategy for an Apple Laptop

To keep your files protected from hard drive failure, theft and other common dangers, you need to develop an appropriate backup strategy for your Apple laptop. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent data backup programs for the Mac OS operating system including the Time Machine software and Time Capsule. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning effective backup.

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