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Apple Mac Data Recovery

Apple Mac Data Recovery

While Apple computers are exceptionally dependable and stable, they can lose data under certain circumstances, and data recovery providers need specialized tools for these systems. This section of our blog contains information about Apple devices and Mac OS X computers.


New And Cool: Ten New Features In iOS 7

Hot on the heels of Apple’s iPhone announcement came word that a new operating system would be released prior to the iPhone 5S and 5C availability. iOS 7 is the software side of Apple’s attempt to regain the lucrative smartphone market back from Samsung and the flood of Android devices. iOS 7 will be available on September 18th and is designed to work on older iPhones (starting with the iPhone 4), iPad (starting with version 2), iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (starting with 5th generation).

iPhone 5C

Apple Announces Two New iPhones And A New iOS

September 10, 2013 – Today, Apple announced the release date of two new version of its popular iPhone smartphone line. On September 20, 2013 the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S will be made available for purchase. The company also announced that the newest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 7, would be made available two days before, on September 18.

Man using iPhone

Apple Expected To Unveil New iPhone 5S On September 10

According to numerous publications, September 10 is expected to be the day that Apple releases the specifics of its iPhone 5 refresh. Apple has declined to comment on the rumored date. The Apple fall product refresh is the press conference/seminar hosted by the company to tout new offering and refreshed products in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season. With the Apple iPhone 5S unveiling during the September 10 announcement, Apple is expected to strengthen its position as the number two Smart Phone manufacturer behind Samsung.

iOS Vulnerability

Apple iOS Security Vulnerability: Watch Where You Charge Your Device

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology announced that it was possible to take control of an Apple iOS device without the consent of the device’s owner. The vulnerability stems from the nature of Apple’s closed application ecosystem. iOS devices are designed to accept digitally signed and certified Apple applications or applications by developers that are assigned digital Apple signatures.


New And Cool: iPhone 5S Specs Leaked Ahead Of Release

With an expected mid-September launch still possible, pictures and information about the iPhone, 5S have leaked from Apple’s Chinese supply chain. The new iPhone 5S is reported to have the same stylistic features as the iPhone 5 but the internal specifications have changed significantly.

Apple Mac

Apple Data Recovery Needs Certified Apple Professionals

When a person or company decides to use specialized equipment, like Apple Computers to run graphic design programs or network-attached storage systems, is it necessary to hire data recovery specialists trained specifically for these product lines? In a word, yes. Specialized equipment requires specialized training to prepare for all data recovery scenarios.

iPhone and iPad

Backing Up Your iPhone and iPad

With more of our lives lived on and through the personal data devices that we use there is an immediate need to guarantee the data stored there is recoverable. Apple's iPhone and iPad devices have three easy to access backup systems available: iTunes backup to computer, iCloud backup, and Wi-Fi sync. Each of these is simple to configure and use.

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