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Apple Mac Data Recovery

While Apple computers are exceptionally dependable and stable, they can lose data under certain circumstances, and data recovery providers need specialized tools for these systems. This section of our blog contains information about Apple devices and Mac OS X computers.

Journalists’ iPhones Hit with ‘Zero-Click’ Exploit

Dozens of journalists working for the Al Jazeera news agency have likely been the target of a sophisticated zero-click spyware attack, according to a recent report. Toronto-based internet watchdog group Citizen Lab was asked to look into the attacks, which

How To Turn Off Your iPhone’s Sneaky Location Tracking Feature

The iPhone Location Tracking Feature Today, privacy seems to be a hot topic. Within the last few months, Amazon and Google were under fire for the security flaws in their Nest, Ring, and Alexa devices. This privacy warning sparked consumers

iphone text message recovery

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages From an iPhone

How To Prevent and Retrieve iPhone Text Message Deletion We’ve all accidentally deleted text messages that we want to save. Frantic and worried, we exhaust almost every option to recover those messages. This post will cover the two most common

How to recover data from a disabled iDevice

How to recover data from a disabled iDevice

There are few feelings that compare to the dread and frustration when you are absolutely certain you are entering your password but the device locks because it claims the password is incorrect. In most cases, you can reset the password

3 Ways To Delete Duplicate Files

3 Ways to Delete Duplicate Files from Macs

Deleting duplicate files from your Mac can not only keep your digital library more organized, but eliminate excess files that fill up the hard drive and slow down your system. We’ve already covered how to delete duplicate files from your

3 Data Recovery Disasters in 2015

3 Data Recovery Disasters in 2015

Every year companies around the country experience fire, earthquake or hurricanes that obliterates company servers, and all company data. One disaster leads to another. Hackers and viruses also cause major data losses, but that’s a different animal, which we’ve also

iPhone and iPad

Backing Up Your iPhone and iPad

With more of our lives lived on and through the personal data devices that we use there is an immediate need to guarantee the data stored there is recoverable. Apple's iPhone and iPad devices have three easy to access backup systems available: iTunes backup to computer, iCloud backup, and Wi-Fi sync. Each of these is simple to configure and use.

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