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But I Need My Data Now!

It's a "Go, Go, Go" society and we need everything yesterday, especially our data. How quickly can it be recovered?


That actually works sometimes with your Mercedes if you have a good dealer. They will give you a loaner while your car is in the shop. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way with data. We don’t have spare data in the backroom that you can use in place of yours; and you can’t go rent some data until you get yours back either. Your data is more exclusive than the hottest Ferrari. Only your data will do. So, how do you get it back? Now!


We know. It’s hard to relax in a crisis. At least nobody has died. As crises go, this doesn’t even begin to compare with the Tsunami in Japan, which by the way, probably destroyed more hard drives than any recent event.

Sorry. We aren’t trying to minimize the gravity of your situation. However, we will still tell you to relax because when people need their data now, they do things that could make it so they might lose their data forever. “Now” can be the enemy of data recovery because it prompts desperate people to do the wrong things.

Before you do something you will regret, you need to disconnect your computer from it’s power source right now and give us a call. We will talk you down from the ledge from there.

CSI for hard drives

Before anyone can do anything, someone has to investigate and find the problem. Having an onsite Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom means we can get to the heart of the matter right away. Sometimes the problem is minor and you can have your data back quickly. Sometimes the issue is more severe and you may be looking at days. Determining the cause of the drive failure or data corruption will help set the best path for recovery. The CSI step can’t be skipped if you really want you data back. Proceeding without it usually spells disaster. Once we have carefully scrutinized your hard drive and we set a plan of action, we will tell you how fast "now" is.

The fastest "now" available

If you are serious about "now," Secure Data Recovery has the most comprehensive "need it now" service available. 24/7 – 365 days a year is not a slogan for us, it is how our emergency data recovery works. In a crisis like this, it is easy to feel alone and helpless. We are a phone call away, even if it is three o’clock in the morning.

You can also send us a message from our site and spell out the details of your problem. You can tell us what happened and what files you desperately need. We call you back within one hour. Sometimes a customer only needs one file right now. We can often find and recover that one file for you quickly and finish the rest of the recovery a little later than now.

Depending on the circumstances, overnight recovery is possible. Regardless, we are the fastest "now" available to you. However, despite our commitment to speed, it takes a back seat to doing things right so that your data won’t be in danger.

We know that now means now, but when it comes to data recovery now sometimes takes a little time. We will make sure, however, that the time we spend on your emergency will feel as close to now as possible.

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