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Best Ways to Protect Electronics While Traveling

Protecting your tech is the number one concern while traveling when you rely on that tech for your livelihood.


Gadget protection is always a concern when traveling, especially if you rely on your portable electronics for your job. The two levels of protection you have to worry about are protecting your data and protecting your device.

There are plenty of options for you to use that will help you to keep your information safe and make sure that criminals do not walk off with your portable computing devices.

Travel Cases

Never travel with any electronics without first putting them in proper traveling cases. You can buy a case for your cell phone that protects the screen from being scratched and even protects your phone from water as well. If you travel with a tablet, then a hard-shell case is mandatory to protect the delicate inner workings of your device. You can get a laptop case that is padded on the inside and soft on the outside, or you can get an industrial-style case with a hard shell on the outside. The choice is yours, but never travel without a case.

Anti-Virus Software

When you are surfing the Internet on a portable device, you are opening yourself up to a lot of potential issues. This is especially true if you are using a public Wi-Fi connection. Anti-virus software will protect your cell phone or laptop from any kind of malicious virus that may be floating around on the public connection you are using. You can also use the anti-virus software to limit unwanted access to your device and protect your data.

A Secure Hot Spot

Sometimes it takes a gadget to give the proper amount of gadget protection. Instead of using a public Wi-Fi connection, consider using a secure hot spot to keep your data protected from anyone who may be trying to see it. You will be sacrificing speed when you use a secure hot spot, but you will definitely be adding a new layer of protection to your connection.

Security Cables

You probably wouldn't think that a thief could steal your laptop right off of your lap when you aren't looking, but it can happen. There are security cable sets you can buy that will allow you to secure your laptop to the chair you are sitting in and ensure that no one walks off with it. Don't assume that it cannot happen to you, because the next thing you know, your laptop will be gone.

Airport Security Check

Always ask to have your electronics hand-checked by airport security instead of running them through the X-ray machine. It sounds like basic advice, but more than one person has found that data was missing from their phone after they forgot to take it out of their pocket before going through the X-ray machine. There hasn't been a definite link proven between X-rays and damage to electronics, but it's better safe than sorry - always hand your electronic devices over to security and make sure that they are not put anywhere near an X-ray device of any kind.

Traveling with electronic devices is something that many people do each and every day. The worst thing you can do is become complacent because you think that nothing bad will ever happen to you. Take the necessary steps to protect your devices and make sure that every trip has a happy landing.

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