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Best Tech Developments of 2013

Technological innovation happened at a rapid pace during 2013.


It seems like technology innovations in 2013 moved by in a blur. There were so many forms of new technology introduced that it was hard to keep track of after a while.

Out of all of the advancements made in 2013, let's take a look at these five as the best in tech for the year.

Google Glass

Wouldn't it be great if you could wear Google like a pair of glasses and give it real voice commands to find information you need? In 2013, Google Glass was officially introduced, and it is taking off. Google Glass is a pair of designer, prescription eyeglasses with an Internet-enabled computer attached to it. The computer works through cellular signals and accepts voice commands. The display pops up in the lenses of the glasses and integrates with your surroundings.

Oculus Rift

Let's stick with visual innovations and talk about the Oculus Rift. Gaming companies have been putting out various forms of virtual reality for years. But the Rift by Oculus creates a realistic 3D environment by catering to each eye individually, instead of insisting that both eyes see an image the same way. This creates an incredibly realistic sensation and has implications way beyond gaming. This could be the best in tech for the medical, construction, and marine exploration fields, just to name a few.

Smart Watches

Technology companies are often inspired by popular television shows or movies. James Bond was famous for his wristwatch communicator, and now it looks like that has become the new technology for our time. Smart watches are smartphones but in wristwatch form. They come in many different designs and have many designer features. Since this technology is still not a big hit with the public just yet, it may take time for it to become mainstream. But there are plenty of people enjoying the ability to keep their smartphone on their wrist, where it is accessible and easy to use.

Cyber-Shot DSC-QX100

Smartphone cameras are convenient, but the picture quality has never been great. The newer phones have better camera functions, but the pictures still lack any real quality. Sony solved the problem by developing the Cyber-Shot DSC-QX100 attachment that turns a smartphone into a real camera. This is a real photography lens that enhances the image taken by the camera and creates high-quality, professional-looking images. The attachment even looks like a camera lens and makes your smartphone look exactly like an expensive digital camera.

Moto X

This little technological wonder is as scary as it is practical. Motorola has created a smartphone that knows what you want before you do. The Moto X remembers all of the places you have traveled, all of the people you have talked to, and all of the information you have downloaded to create a complete digital profile of your behavior. To enhance what it already knows, Moto X goes on Google and looks you up to see what else it can find out. The Moto X puts all of this information together and then anticipates the places you will want to go, the people you will want to call, and the information you will need to find. What is scary is that users are realizing that the phone's intuition is incredibly accurate and it does not take the Moto X long to figure you out.

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