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Best Maintenance and Charging Techniques for Laptop Battery

There are several charging techniques you should be following to extend your laptop's battery life.


Consumers use laptop computers as a part of their daily lives so often, that charging the battery becomes a routine as soon as the bar in the corner turns red. However, by following certain techniques, you can retain the quality of your battery life so your device isn’t only receiving care when it is on the verge of powering down.

Learning About Your Power Source

The best way to start taking care of your device’s length of performance is by learning about your individual computer’s battery and power settings. On a PC, the information points can be found under the Power Settings in the Control Panel, while on a Mac machine, you must click options and system information before scrolling to Hardware, and underneath the Power tab, the battery information can be found.

You can choose settings such as power saver mode or decide how long your device must be inactive before sleep mode is enabled. By limiting battery use when your device is idle or close to being completely drained, you will save yourself a lot of frustration when your screen suddenly goes dark after blinking a red 2%.

How Laptop Batteries Work

A key term relating to charging a computer is A/C Power. This refers to external power that is used with battery-operated devices with no other power source. These chargers convert power to the energy that is sent to the computer. Each power source within a laptop is designed to handle a certain number of charges before you will need to replace it altogether.

The average number of charges is somewhere around 500 cycles. A cycle consists of a full recharge after the battery falls to 0% and revived up to a full 100%. When the device is charged when the percentage is somewhere in the middle, it does not count as a full cycle. It is recommended that those who only work on their laptop when it is plugged in, use it solely on battery at least once a month. This keeps the battery’s life span from decreasing as the electrons within the battery are not used when it uses A/C power. 

Best Ways to Extend Battery Life on all Laptops

The most common issue that affects a device’s ability to hold a charge is heat. High temperatures can, of course, damage media physically, but it can also affect the power supply. This is an easy fix as long as ventilation ports are clear and the computer is placed in an area where air can reach it, such as a laptop tray or a cooling rack for a DIY solution. 

Some other ways to extend and retain the quality of your laptop battery are:

  • Close apps and browser windows that you aren’t using
  • Choose the right power saving settings on your Windows or Mac machine
  • Turn Down Screen Brightness
  • Disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi if not needed 

Controversy over Charging Techniques

Some experts say that it is a good idea to let your laptop completely die and then recharge using A/C power once in a while. With this process, you would allow the laptop to charge with the cord, and remove the battery to let it cool in a dry place. Other tech companies claim the best practice is to let the battery get low, but not below 20% before charging it. 

Still, others believe that leaving the laptop plugged in after it has reached 100% does not affect battery life in modern devices. This particular point may depend on the type of device you have and how old it is.

Batteries and Media Fail

One thing that holds true is that eventually, your laptop battery will die. In this case, purchase a new one only after the current one is completely degraded. If the replacement battery won’t be used immediately, store it in a dry and fresh place that will stay cool. 

Batteries and digital devices go hand in hand in not lasting forever. People make mistakes in how they handle their media and accidentally delete files that they desperately needed. In these cases, Secure Data Recovery is ready to help with recovery for all devices and operating systems. To start a risk-free case, call 1-800-388-1266.

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