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Printed circuit board

Failure Symptoms and Recovery Options for Hard Drive PCB Issues

A hard drive's printed circuit board (PCB) contains a number of components that allow the HDD to operate efficiently and correctly, and when a PCB fails, a hard drive can sustain serious, permanent damage. PCB issues affect thousands of hard drives every year and often result in permanent data loss.

Offsite Backup

Avoid Data Loss By Keeping an Offsite Backup

No system is adequately protected if data exists in a single physical location. An offsite backup provides essential protection from fires, floods and other natural disasters, as well as from thieves, angry ex-employees and malicious software attacks

Hard Drive Health

How Many Bad Sectors are Too Many for a Healthy Hard Drive?

Bad sectors are unreadable sections of your disk. Sectors can become unreadable for a number of reasons including platter damage and actuator head offsets. Regardless of what causes the issue, the end result is the same: a very small portion of the hard drive is permanently damaged and completely unusable.

Flash cards

Choosing a Safe Flash Card for Your Camera

If you depend on your camera card, you need to make sure to use high-quality memory. Flash cards are not all the same, and a cheap unit can end up costing you hundreds of dollars by failing prematurely. When you shop for a camera card, keep these tips in mind to find dependable, reliable media


Common Symptoms of Corruption for Oracle Databases

Data loss presents serious challenges for Oracle users, and while recovery rates are generally high for Oracle systems. To ensure high system availability, you should be familiar with the basic symptoms of corruption and have a plan in place to deal with data loss when it occurs.

Apple's ipad display

Keeping Your Apple Warranty Intact When Pursuing Data Recovery

Apple's customer service department is legendary for their fast response times and no-nonsense attitude towards product replacements, The company does insist on using a certified Apple repair company when treating hard drive failures but Apple's warranty does not cover data recovery.

Frozen Hard Drive

Can You Fix a Broke Hard Drive by Freezing It?

All hard drives eventually fail. One of the more popular tricks for treating a damaged hard drive involves putting the disk into a freezer for several hours, then plugging it into a computer and booting it. There are several reasons why data recovery engineers do not freeze hard drives to fix them.

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