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Flash media

5 Common Causes of Data Loss on Flash Media

Computer users often assume that flash drives are more dependable than hard drives. If you use flash media, you should regularly back up your devices and make sure that you understand potential sources of damage. By caring for your device, you can greatly extend its operating life.

Cloud Backup Concept

Should You Send Your Data Tapes to the Cloud?

Businesses have used backup cartridges for decades to protect data on servers and other large-scale systems. Data tapes are secure, reliable and affordable, but in recent years, many storage professionals have promoted cloud-based solutions over tape cartridges for archival storage and data backup.

Stack of Computer Hard Drives

Choosing a RAID Level for Personal Data Storage

A Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or RAID consists of two or more hard drives working together to provide data storage. While RAID arrays are typically associated with businesses, home computer users can benefit from the relatively high fault tolerance and fast response time that various types of RAID can provide.

Damaged computer backup tape

How Humidity Affects Magnetic Data Tapes and Cartridges

To safely store tape cartridges, all businesses should have a dedicated, controlled storage environment with humidity controls. Excessive humidity can seriously damage magnetic media, and data tape cartridges are particularly susceptible to moisture-related damage.

Computer Repair

What to Do When a Hard Drive Makes Clicking Sounds

Clicking, grinding and whirring sounds are among the most common hard drive failure symptoms. The noises indicate that one or more of the hard drive's mechanical components have failed, and if your hard drive begins clicking, you will need act quickly to ensure the best possible chances of a successful data recovery.

IT Engineer

Avoiding Database Loss and Downtime After Server Failures

Downtime avoidance and disaster recovery are established fields in server administration, and building a system with high availability can take enormous investments. Nevertheless, if you understand the basic factors that affect downtime, you can start to form an effective plan for your business.

Seriously Crashed Hard Drive

HDD Data Loss Statistics for Home and Office PC Users

If you work on a computer, you probably read and write information from a hard drive several hundred times per day. Your computer's hard drive is one of its most important components, and to keep your system running smoothly and avoid data loss, you should understand the limitations of your HDD.

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