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DV tapes in two Rows

4 Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When Storing Data Cartridges

Thousands of businesses use magnetic data tapes for long-term storage, but a small percentage of these companies actually take the time to establish appropriate conditions for their cartridges. By avoiding the storage mistakes listed below, you can greatly extend the operating life of your backup cartridges and minimize system downtime when a data disaster occurs.

Hard Drive Health

4 Tips for Monitoring Your Hard Drive’s Health

To keep your hard drive in perfect working condition, you need to monitor its health regularly.  This is a fairly easy process, and with the help of a few utilities and a working knowledge of common failure symptoms, you can get the best possible operating life from your disk.  These tips will help you get started.

Computer security

Why Data Recovery Companies Should Use SSAE 16 Type II Standards

Data recovery companies should use excellent practices to safely handle client financial data.  Regular audits are an important part of any IT provider's security system, and the two most common audit standards are SAS 70 and SSAE 16, both of which are issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Why RAID Systems Do Not Replace the Need for Data Backup

Most businesses have some sort of RAID system in place, and in recent years, personal computer users have adopted the technology to achieve better fault tolerance and faster data access speeds. However, RAID technology does not provide perfect protection from data loss, and some users put too much trust in the improved physical fault tolerance.

Database Recovery

How to Recover Corrupted Database Files

Database files often play an important role in day-to-day business activities, and sudden file corruption can greatly affect your team's productivity. Corruption can occur due to operating system errors, RDBMS application crashes, sudden power losses or physical media failures.


Diagnosing a Hard Drive Head Crash on an Apple Laptop

Even if you're especially careful with your MacBook, hard drive issues can sideline your computer in a matter of seconds. Diagnosing a hard drive failure can be difficult on any laptop, but you can look for a few physical and logical symptoms to decide whether you need help from a professional data recovery provider.

Backup Computer Key

Incremental Backups: Your Secret Weapon

You need a strong backup plan in order to keep the data on your computer safe, but you might not have time to perform full backups every day. Incremental backups help you to fill in the gaps, providing a fast way to keep an up-to-date copy of your most important files. Here is an overview of incremental backups and tips for using them to protect your data.

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