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Slow Computer

Why Slow Computer Speeds May Indicate Hard Drive Head Failures

Computers can slow down for hundreds of reasons, and sudden performance issues do not necessarily indicate an impending hard drive failure. However, the actuator heads are extremely precise, and a slight offset can prevent them from working correctly and if the hard drive's heads become less efficient at accessing information.  Your computer's performance will suffer as a result.

Apple Computer

Data Recovery Tips for Apple Desktop Computers

Apple desktops are just as susceptible to data loss as other personal computers. While the Mac OS X operating system has some notable safeguards against accidental deletion and virus damage, thousands of Apple users lose data due to hard drive failures and other events each year. Fortunately, most of this lost data is completely recoverable.

Cloud Backup

Hard Drive Or Cloud Service For Personal Data Backup

Media damage can occur at any time, so you should put a functional data backup plan in place as soon as you can. Hard drive backups and cloud-based backups are two especially popular strategies. Both are affordable for small businesses and private computer users, but to choose an appropriate strategy, you will need to consider your computer usage habits.

Camera SD Flash

How Spontaneous Data Loss Occurs on Camera Flash Cards

Sudden camera card failures can have serious implications. You might lose irreplaceable photographs in a matter of seconds, and while problems like data corruption are relatively rare on modern flash media, thousands of photographers experience sudden camera card failures every year.

Raid Array

Safely Recovering Data from Nested RAIDS

Nested RAIDs combine two or more RAID configuration levels for improved redundancy and speed. Nested RAID systems are complex and can present a number of unique challenges for engineers, but a qualified data recovery provider can quickly restore damaged files to a working condition.

Summer Time

Summer Weather Changes Means Unexpected Data Loss for Some Businesses

Summer weather fluctuations lead to an increased number of power surges, blackouts and brownouts, especially during thunderstorms. On an unprotected computer, unexpected electrical events can cause severe component issues by sending too much power through your system, overriding the safeguards that normally protect electronics from damage.

Computer Health

Will Turning Off Your HDD Each Night Hurt It?

Many of our clients ask whether or not they should keep their computers powered on at night. Your power habits can certainly play a role in your hard drive's operating lifespan, but there is a question as to the extent of this role. Some IT experts occasionally claim that the best way to preserve a drive is to allow it to operate normally through the night. They theorize that regularly running a hard drive through start-up procedures gradually wears out mechanical components.

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