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Slow Computer

Why Slow Computer Speeds May Indicate Hard Drive Head Failures

Computers can slow down for hundreds of reasons, and sudden performance issues do not necessarily indicate an impending hard drive failure. However, the actuator heads are extremely precise, and a slight offset can prevent them from working correctly and if the hard drive's heads become less efficient at accessing information.  Your computer's performance will suffer as a result.

Camera SD Flash

How Spontaneous Data Loss Occurs on Camera Flash Cards

Sudden camera card failures can have serious implications. You might lose irreplaceable photographs in a matter of seconds, and while problems like data corruption are relatively rare on modern flash media, thousands of photographers experience sudden camera card failures every year.


Why RAID Systems Do Not Replace the Need for Data Backup

Most businesses have some sort of RAID system in place, and in recent years, personal computer users have adopted the technology to achieve better fault tolerance and faster data access speeds. However, RAID technology does not provide perfect protection from data loss, and some users put too much trust in the improved physical fault tolerance.

Database Recovery

How to Recover Corrupted Database Files

Database files often play an important role in day-to-day business activities, and sudden file corruption can greatly affect your team's productivity. Corruption can occur due to operating system errors, RDBMS application crashes, sudden power losses or physical media failures.


Diagnosing a Hard Drive Head Crash on an Apple Laptop

Even if you're especially careful with your MacBook, hard drive issues can sideline your computer in a matter of seconds. Diagnosing a hard drive failure can be difficult on any laptop, but you can look for a few physical and logical symptoms to decide whether you need help from a professional data recovery provider.

Flash media

5 Common Causes of Data Loss on Flash Media

Computer users often assume that flash drives are more dependable than hard drives. If you use flash media, you should regularly back up your devices and make sure that you understand potential sources of damage. By caring for your device, you can greatly extend its operating life.

Damaged computer backup tape

How Humidity Affects Magnetic Data Tapes and Cartridges

To safely store tape cartridges, all businesses should have a dedicated, controlled storage environment with humidity controls. Excessive humidity can seriously damage magnetic media, and data tape cartridges are particularly susceptible to moisture-related damage.

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