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Hardware Hard Drive Failure Scenarios

Data Recovery: How to approach three common HDD failure scenarios

Hard drive failure happens to the best of us. How we prepare for and react to this failure will define how quickly we can recovery from disaster. One way to prepare for the worst is to understand the types of hardware hard drive failure and your options for each. To help, we discuss three of the most common hard drive hardware failure scenarios.

Data Recovery Factors

Data Recovery: Common factors and approaches

Some of our worst days begin with the loss of data, especially when it is caused by a failed hard drive. What can you do when the inevitable happens at the most inopportune time? Here are a few factors that result in hard drive data loss and a software-based option for self-recovery.

Step Up Your Password Security

Step up your password security

Password security is once again in the news as the reported theft of nearly 1.2 billion passwords makes the rounds. While sometime the theft of a password is beyond a user’s control, there is no reason for not taking every step possible to secure your accounts with excellent passwords. Here are some tips for increasing the strength of your passwords and account security.

Digital Storage: A History

Digital Storage: A History

The history of computer storage systems is a long and winding road of emerging technologies and expanding capacities. From the first paper punched cards to the ephemeral cloud solutions of today, we follow the ever-changing digital solutions for the growing needs of our personal computers.

Simple and Free Backup Tools

Simple (and free) PC backup options

Backing up your PC is one of the fastest ways to protect your data from unexpected events. Anything can happen to your system, from hardware failure to malicious software, and all it takes to protect your files is a decent backup. To help make the process of backing up your data easier, we have included these two simple (and free) backup suggestions.

Fourth of July Apps

Helpful Fourth of July Apps

When you think about the Fourth of July, you think about fun, food, fireworks and, hopefully, the founding fathers. The Fourth is a time for apple pies, the red, white and blue and also a great time to use your tech. Get the most out of your Fourth of July festivities with these great and helpful Fourth of July apps.

Critical Security Habits

Five Critical Security Habits You Should Have

The internet can be a harsh and dangerous world when there are security breaches, broken code, malicious software, and spying governmental entities at every turn. It may seem that there is little the average PC user can do to stave off the attacks on their personal data security, but don’t fret. Here are five critical security habits you should be doing right now.

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