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3 Tips to Secure your WordPress Blog

3 Tips to Secure your Wordpress Blog


WordPress is widely considered the most popular blogging website available today. One reason WordPress has received such widespread support is due to their ability to keep their websites secure from cyber threats around the World.

While WordPress itself is relatively safe, it’s important to consider that the website host and third party software that often accompanies the platform can increase the risk of getting hacked. Just as there are countless tools to build and maintain a WordPress blog, there’s also a number of ways to keep it secure:

WordPress Security Best Practices

1. Create Strong Password

Lock down your accounts with secure passwords and two-factor authentication. Never underestimate the importance of selecting a secure password for your WordPress account. The password should be different from other accounts. It should include a mixture of letters, symbols, and numbers.

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The longer the password, the more secure. Chrome has a built-in password generator which can help you generate the dozens of passwords needed to keep your different accounts secure. Google’s two-factor authentication is a free option to boost security. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a second step to validate your log-in attempts.

2. Block Repeated Login Attempts

It’s important to limit the number of malicious login attempts on your blog. Jetpack Protect is a tool that will limit and then block repeated attempts to override your site’s security. The tool also keeps track of the number of malicious logins attempted. There’s an option to whitelist one IP address should you ever need to restore a lost or forgotten password.

3. Back up Your WordPress Data

Real-time, automated backups and security scans add a second layer of protection. Consider the following tools to back up your data:

  • VaultPress: Offers a wide range of features to both protect and restore a WordPress site is one tool (with a variety of price plans).
  • Bulletproof Security: Offers an all-in-one option that is easy for beginners to experts to quickly improve the security on their site.
  • In addition to protecting your site from harm, it’s important to add safeguards in the event that security is breached.

    We know that even the most diligent attempts to secure a website can sometimes result in lost data. If you’ve been the victim of hacking or another cause of data loss, Secure Data Recovery offers free diagnostic quotes.

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