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10 Patriotic 4th of July Tech Accessories

Spice up your holiday festivities with a few quick patriotic tech additions.


On the Fourth of July, the whole country stops to show just how patriotic they really are. What better way to spice up your July 4th than with a few technology accessories that pay homage to the red, white, and blue? As Independence Day approaches, here are some ways that you can show your patriotic side without losing your technical touch.

4th of July Tech Accessories

  • Red, White, and Blue Smartphone Case - Dress up your smartphone in some red, white, and blue and show the world just how much you love the United States of America! There are plenty of American-themed smartphone cases that will make you want to salute your phone.
  • The American Apple - If you have an iPad, iPhone, or any iProduct, then you should look into getting Apple's American flag case. It is the Apple logo made out of an American flag and it is about as patriotic as Apple technology can get.
  • Digital Camera Strap - A red, white, and blue strap for your digital camera will prevent your camera from getting damaged and make sure that your camera is ready for those important July 4th photo opportunities.
  • Red, White, or Blue Charging Cable - The charging cable for your electronic device is an inexpensive accessory that comes in a variety of colors. When you go online to do your shopping, you will find that those colors include red, white, and blue.
  • Tablet Carrying Case - If you have a tablet or a digital reading device, then the chances are pretty good that you carry it in a protective case. On the Fourth of July, you can honor the USA by getting a carrying case that shows off the flag in all its glory.
  • Earbuds - How about putting some patriotism into your ears on the Fourth of July? You can either get earbuds with a patriotic theme, or just get yourself a pair of earbuds in the familiar red, white, or blue.
  • Laptop Skins - People who enjoy laptop skins usually have a variety of skins they use on a regular basis. For the Independence Day holiday, you should consider adding an American-themed skin to your collection and give your laptop a shot of patriotism.
  • Laptop Carrying Case - If you are going to put an American skin on your laptop, then you also need an American-themed carrying case to carry it around in. No one would dare question your patriotism while you are carrying around your laptop in a case that is designed with the American flag in mind.
  • Smartphone Carrying Case - If a standard brown or black belt carrying case is good enough to protect your smartphone, then a red, white, and blue one would do the trick as well. Try something a little different this year and look for a belt carrying case that gives off that sense of American pride.
  • Tablet Keyboard - If you own a tablet that takes a keyboard, then you probably have the standard and boring black keyboard that you use day in and day out. As the Fourth of July gets closer, try something with an American flair to it and get yourself a red, white, or blue tablet keyboard.

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