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10 Essential Apps to Protect Your Smartphone

The security of our smartphones is often the last thing we consider.


It has become all too common that smartphone users appreciate the value of security apps only after their phone has been hacked. To avoid being one of those people who regrets not putting privacy apps in place before your data disappears, you need to understand what essential programs are necessary to protect your phone.

10 Essential Smartphone Apps

Some data security programs are free, and some cost money. But if they can protect your important data, then they are worth any investment.

  • Avast! Mobile Security - One of the top free data security programs for years has been the Avast! program. Now, smartphone users can take advantage of this program and use it to protect their privacy. The makers of Avast! offer regular updates and a very robust free version of their software.
  • AVG Antivirus - AVG is another popular and free antivirus program that sits on millions of desktop computers around the world. AVG not only scans for viruses, but it can also stop programs that are causing your smartphone to freeze up.
  • Norton Mobile Security - When it comes to complete data security, I have no problem recommending the reliable and venerable Norton programs. There are a variety of smartphone security apps available with the Norton name on them, and they all do a great job.
  • WebRoot Secure Anywhere - WebRoot Secure Anywhere is a bit more proactive than many of the other smartphone protection programs available. This program will not only scan data that comes into your phone, but it can also block you from going to mobile websites that are phishing for data.
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security - As someone intimately familiar with the virtual security world, I have been utilizing and working with Kaspersky programs for years. These tend to be higher-end programs that can cost a pretty penny, but they are hard to beat when it comes to protecting your virtual privacy.
  • Lookout Mobile Security - I like Lookout Mobile Security because it remembers who you are and locks out anyone who steals your phone or tries to use it without your permission. How does it do all of this? If I told you, then that would take all of the fun out of it.
  • Security Cam - So far, we have done a lot of talking about apps that protect your phone. Let's take one second to talk about a program that helps your phone to protect you. Security Cam utilizes your phone's video features to capture footage either automatically or when it is triggered using settings you create. The images can be exported to your computer or just used on your smartphone to solve the mystery of who took the last piece of pizza.
  • 360 Mobile Security - This is a relatively new security program that has been getting a lot of attention lately, mostly due to the developer's persistent boasts about how effective the program is. To be fair, it is extremely effective at scanning and preventing malware from getting loaded onto your smartphone. Since the program is free, it is at least worth checking out.
  • Avira Antivirus - Avira will scan existing programs to see if they pose a threat and is especially on guard when you update your phone. You can also count on Avira to check every new program you download to make sure it is safe.
  • AVL - AVL is nice because it does not have all of the bells and whistles that normally come with antivirus programs. It is a stripped-down program that detects malware and warns you. That is all it does. AVL does not slow your smartphone down, which is why so many people are utilizing it these days.
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